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Other Services: Home Security Systems, Intranet Design & Setup, Hardware Installation, Server Maintenance & Security, Home Entertainment Systems, Workstation Setup & Support, Tech Recommendations, and Cable Management Assistance Remote Support is available by request.

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All ColeyTech services are typically billed at $15 per 30 minutes or $30 per hour. 30 minute increments are standard as some services simply do not take a full hour to complete, and transparency is very important. Rates do not include the cost of any required parts.

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Mason Coley

Meet Your Technician

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved technology, specifically computers – I’ve been fascinated by every aspect of them. My family always told me “You’re gonna grow up and make a living out of something to do with computers, I just know it!” I’m very happy to say that they were all right all along.

Growing up I took every single computer class I could throughout school, I spent nearly every non-busy hour on my computer after school, and even went to Wichita State University for a computer-related business degree.

I’ve genuinely made technology a very large part of my life and I wouldn’t trade the things I’ve learned along the way for anything! I love using the things I know to help someone else understand what they don’t. Technology is truly life changing and it’s so satisfying seeing people enjoy it to its full potential.

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